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employer: why should we hire you?

me: i got first place on Rainbow Road

employer: holy shit


oh youre a son? name 5 of your parents


"guess since im a white man im not allowed to have opinions"

your opinions have shaped the world we live in today not being catered to for 83.9 seconds will not fuckin kill you

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People say all the time, “you need to spend some time to yourself, and figure out who you are”, and I never really understood it until it happened to me. And I woke up one day, and I just realized, I’m in New York because I want to be in New York. I cut my hair short because I wanted to. I made a pop album because I wanted to.

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I played the character knowing that she was knocked down, 100 percent, dead-in-front-of-a-bus in love with her boss. Every scene, I did not care if it was about taxes or about, you know, getting rid of the penny, it was all about me being in love with him.JM

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